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Dr. Didem AKTAN, DDS PhD

Dr. Didem AKTAN was born in Istanbul in 1985 and received her Dental Degree from İstanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 2008. She has completed her PhD from Istanbul University Dentistry Faculty Orthodontics Department in Turkey. She is working as an orthodontist in a dental clinic of a private complex hospital in Istanbul.

Dr Aktan, who has been intensively interested in lingual orthodontics since 2011, participated in many congresses, symposiums and certification programs both in Turkey and abroad. She is a member of the Turkish Orthodontic Society (TOD) and in 2018, she became an European Society of Lingual Orthodontics(ESLO) Active Member.She conducts a clinical training program on lingual orthodontics in Istanbul. Dr Aktan has been carrying out clinical studies on lingual orthodontics in Turkey and has been carrying out joint studies with foreign clinics and associations.


Given Seminers and Conferences

·       What is your real desire to do Lingual Orthodontics?, 8th WSLO congress, July 2019, Spain

·       WIN Certification Course w/ Prof Dr Dirk Wiechmann, January 2019, İstanbul

·       Paradigm shift in Lingual Orthodontics; yes you can sell it!, 13th ESLO Congress, June 2018, Portugal

One-Year  Lingual Orthodontics Training with 5 Modules, 2019, Maslak Acıbadem Hospital, İstanbul

·       Big Issues, Small Details. Top Service 3M , April 2018, Bad Essen-Germany

·       Ortodontinin Gizli Dünyası: Lingual Ortodonti, Ortodontiyle İlgili Her Şey, EDAD, February 2018, İstanbul

·       One-Year  Lingual Orthodontics Training with 5 Modules 2018, Maslak Acıbadem Hospital, İstanbul

·       Ortodontinin Geleceği Lingual Ortodonti, 15. Uluslararası Türk Ortodonti Derneği Sempozyumu Genç TOD Etkinliği, November 2017, Ankara 

·       Velofareingeal Yetmezlikte Ortodontik Destek Ve Tedavi, İstanbul KBB-BBC Derneği Uzmanları Kongresi, September 2017, Sakarya

·       Ortodontinin Gizli Dünyası: Lingual Ortodonti, Türk Diş Hekimleri Birliği 23. Uluslararası Diş Hekimliği Kongresi, September 2017, İstanbul

·       Ortodontinin Geleceği: Lingual Ortodonti, Acıbadem Taksim Hastanesi, March 2017, İstanbul

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