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The purposes of The Lingual Orthodontic Society are;


·      To recognize, disseminate and progress lingual orthodontics in Turkey by educational and promotional activities 


·      To incorporate lingual orthodontics science with the clinical practice.


·      To organize meetings and associational workshops for members to progress scientific development and clinical practice.

·      To encourage the modern lingual orthodontics education standards 


·      To progress lingual orthodontics by organizing  scientific conferences with the attendance of qualified speakers about lingual orthodontic techniques that are used all around the world 


·      ​To improve welfare of patients by achieving highest quality standards in lingual orthodontic education and practice. 


·      For these purposes, engage in national and international facilities, become a member of international associations and cooperate with them and collabrate on project based works or help each other.

·      To organize meetings, and social events like concerts, proms, theaters, exhibitions etc for  the development of qualifications and human relationships of members. 


·      To build a common platform with the other related associations or foundations, unions and non-govermental organizations which is not prohibbited by the law.

Founder Members

Dr. Didem Aktan

Dr. Eser Çapan

Dr. Mahmut Diker

Dr. E. Beril Demir Karamanlı

Dt. Yunus Emre Birol

Atty. Cem Ataş

Atty. Erdem Çağlar

Board of Directors


Dr. Didem Aktan (President)

Dr. Eser Çapan (Vice president)

Dr. Mahmut Diker (Accountant)

Dr. E. Beril Demir Karamanlı (Secretary)

Dt. Yunus Emre Birol (Board member)

Principle Members

Didem Aktan

Eser Çapan

Mahmut Diker

E. Beril Demir Karamanlı

Yunus Emre Birol

Cem Ataş

Erdem Çağlar

Yıldız Öztürk Ortan

İlkay Toptan

Gülşen Ünal Kundakçıoğlu

Koray İsmail Doğmuş

Umay Kelahmet

Merve Nur Eğlenen

Özge Batmaz

Cemre Şensoy

Tuğçe Yurdakuloğlu Aslan

Pınar Ünlü

Sedef Sera Hepdarcan

Ceyla Demirer

Cihan Aydoğan

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