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Dt. Yunus Emre Birol was born in Mardin in 1991 and completed his high school education in Uşak Şehit Abdülkadir Kılavuz Anadolu Öğretmen High School. After completing his higher education in Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 2015, he is still continuing his doctoral education in the department of Orthodontics of the same faculty. 

Since 2017, Dt. Birol has been involved in lingual orthodontics and has attended many seminars and conferences.


Attended Seminars and Conferences

  • WIN Certification Course, Dr.Didem Aktan/ Prof.Dr.Dirk Wiechmann, January 2019, Istanbul

  • One Year Five Module Lingual Orthodontics Training 2019, Maslak Acıbadem Hospital, Istanbul

  • One Year Five Module Lingual Orthodontics Training 2018, Maslak Acıbadem Hospital, Istanbul

  • Lingual Orthodontics From Past To Present, Yrd.Doç.Dr.Gülşilay Sayar, May 2018, Istanbul

  • The Future of Orthodontics : Lingual Orthodontics, 15. International Turkish Orthodontic Society Symposium Young TOD activity, November 2017, Ankara

  • The Secret World of Orthodontics: Lingual Orthodontics, Turkish Dental Association 23. International Dental Congress, September 2017, Istanbul

  • Treatment Options For Class II Malocclusions, Prof.Dr.Nazan Küçükkeleş, November 2018, Istanbul

  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome in Children and Adults, Prof.Dr.Hülya Kılıçoğlu, November 2018, Istanbul

  • Infection Control in Orthodontic Clinic, Prof.Dr.Sönmez Fıratlı, November 2018, Istanbul

  • 16. International Turkish Orthodontic Association Congress, October 2018, Izmir

  • Advanced İnvisalign Application , Dr.R.Bruce Mc Farlane, May 2018, Istanbul

  • 15. International Turkish Orthodontic Association Symposium, November 2017, Ankara



WIN Certification Course, January 2019, Istanbul, Turkey

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